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What is this thing called the New World Order?

When I was a child in grade school back in the 1950's, it was explained to us how the people of America had so much and the rest of the world was so poor that we were going to have to bring them up to our level or they would destroy us. To bring the rest of the world up to American standards, our own level would have to drop as the poorer countries raised, then from a balance meeting point we would all raise together. This position was coined as the A New Order by my teacher, a Mr. Blake...

Now over 40 years later, I guess it is safe to say we definitely have lowered the American living standards while raising the rest, for one reason or another, by one means or another.

To fully understand the overall picture is to understand the story of man. In truth, there is no such thing as "The New World Order" today, for it has flourished since recorded time. Alas Babylon...

All of our lives we have had the history of the world thrown at us from what has been dug from the ruins of long dead civilizations, and all of what we have been told has been from the standpoint of the elite. The kings carved in stone while the money changers counted, and the stone as well as the baked clay records out lasted both...

From the earliest time we had to have a method for the payment of goods or services rendered. Someone had to oversee the system and insured that it worked, a system acceptable by all participating parties. A base had to be established, and that base was to be the sought after metal of the gods, gold and silver. The Bible and other works cover the story by having the gods telling man the planet was now independent, but the gold and the silver belonged to the gods. Since this was the deal that was cut with newly developed modern hybrids, and the planet itself was devalued in the eyes of the gods due to logistics , these two metals were the bottom line because one could trade with the gods for them. The gods had many needed trade goods, things that could cut and lift stone, healing drugs or procedures, some items later to be reinvented during what some have coined "The Age of Miracles". There was one other thing and that was if one wanted to go the "Heaven" physically, one had to produce a lot of gold to trade for a ride in the chariot of the gods. Why take the trouble to leave? Immortality or longevity from eating the god food. The older one got, the more important this became...

There was nothing wrong with the concept of trade, or the gold standard. The humblest shepherd could carry with him the same coin the loftiest king used. It would buy the shepherd as much as it would buy the king, no more and no less. It was a fair system until the city state king's supply of gold ran short, which occurred more often than not when the local mines no longer produced, or more gold circulated out of his country than was taken in. Taxes had been long invented and maximized by this time for public works, military who also were the local police, and scribes who did the book keeping, but it was not enough. What was the local king to do?

Kings dealt with kings and countries now dealt in gold and silver... A royal decree most likely went out and the overtaxed subjects were offered a new deal. The common man had to give the treasury his gold, replaced by way of this new thing called local money. It was a coin of lessor real value, perhaps copper based, but it promised a certain value in gold when turned in to the newly invented position of local money changer. The catch was the money changer charged so much to make this exchange... and the common person got to foot this bill. The copper was really a commodity that had little value in the copper producing areas, but great value in the areas where it was none existent. ( It must be noted I am using copper as an example, the metal most likely was silver/lead.) After dealing in this commodity, the money changers would split his profits with the king who had the army to back everything up, and the new team also thoughtfully made sure certain priests profited...

Now the money changer was very intelligent and lived much more simply than the king, who had an image to maintain as well as total final responsibility for public projects like irrigation canals. This lower value coin trick worked so well, why not do the same thing the king had done, only using a signed piece of baked clay with a special signature embossed by a seal. It had been done before with geometric tokens and good faith... The clay cost virtually nothing, far less than the copper or silver/lead coin. The money changer would loan 1/4 of his profits to other relatives and nobility who had many flocks and fields, but was short on gold or silver. He would charge another fee to them of 10% but the loan would only be held until the crops were harvested and sold, about six months from the time of the loan. If he timed everything right, the money would be positioned between tax times in an untraceable commodity investment in the friendly kingdom next door, denying the king's coffers the fair tax share from the money changer and his own relatives. The trick would be to get the sought after commodity out of the allied king's land before his tax time came up, a trick which was practiced first by the nomadic herds men. At some point, the goods would have to be changed into gold and stored out of harms way, to be rolled over again when the timing was right. Universal Mid East law code was still far off, but certain areas had the most stability and there were universal laws governing the weight of coinage in place. The area known as Mesopotamia became saturated (over a period of time) with this game so the new bankers of Ur looked for innocent and greener pastures, Egypt being one of these, with a constant flow of gold from Africa and the world's finest food, a gift of the Nile. Ur and Eridu had bitumen and the worlds finest cloth... as well as amber and glass supplied by the coastal trade routes. Bargains could be struck...

Egypt was much like Ur when it started, and was ruled by council of major land holders who attained their position by just hard work and organization,with everyone dividing up the collectively owned harvests large and small. This division was done by the priests and fairly so for the most part, with this collective social anarchy that existed by the banks of the Nile. Unlike the people of Mesopotamia, Egypt was a cottage industry empire with set values or prices. For the Babylonian system to work, private land ownership had to pass into the hands of a few enabling them to control the food, and surplus food had to be traded for gold and not be given away by the priests to the populace before it could be purchased with their portion of incoming gold which was transported to Ur. Anything that had a surplus became a commodity to exchange for hard to get items that the new royalty just had to have, items like metallic mirrors... Egypt had to change to implement this and the money men of Ur most likely sent Imhotep to get the ball rolling. Imhotep taught the Egyptians how to write and keep commodity records in the now universal cuneiform trade language, pointed out the edifices that had been built long before and taught an advanced class of engineering to get construction moving again, convincing the priests and nobility the building projects made them appear larger in the eyes of the gods. The now abundant well fed labor force was moved from the fields to the quarries, depriving them of the right to grow their own food while the most valuable lands were confiscated, this newly instituted thing called debt being cited for one reason of these confiscation's. Those who rebelled were crushed by the military, which was controlled by both the priesthood and the affluent surviving nobility who paid the soldiers off with this now very controlled substance called gold. This was all amazingly accomplished in a generation by one man from Ur...

Then for some obscure reason, about 3000 BC the chariots of Egypt riding on bronze wheel bearings lubricated with petroleum based products, thundered across the desert and the World Bank changed from Mesopotamia to the banks of the Nile River were it remained until the time of the Romans...

Keep in mind this overview is a very simplified version of what exactly took place. I give very little mention of the gods or the translation of ancient stories, and I do not go in to the details of the thousands of baked clay permanent records still being examined. Mass production was known, the tablets could be mass produced with special stamps, a movable type, so to speak... Ur had a 1000 years of history before Egypt's really started...

By now you should have a good idea of what was going on, and still is. Kings and other nobility have passed into history, their position once held largely by force and the magic of deity by way of the priesthood, was terribly eroded and torn asunder by their own creation, the money groups who financed their noble wars. Egypt somehow avoided these Mesopotamian errors and defensible isolation had much to do with this as well as a strong central government controlled banking and trade system.

The Rothschild Family is credited with starting the current banking system, but in reality they only copied what the Babylonian bankers did, and that was treat governments or corporations like individuals as far as loans were concerned. The merchant prince is still in existence, but he is under the control of something far larger than an individual, or in some cases, entire countries. These are the mega-corporations like General Motors, Standard Oil, etc. These giants in the business world are nothing more than the old Mesopotamian cartels with different modern clothing. Gold presently can changed into the designated 20th century commodity, land, which is susceptible to natural disasters. Egypt's expansion was predictably down the Nile to the delta over a period of time, giving the kingdom access to the sea located north of them.

Now in reality, land also is a false commodity when looked upon just for housing purposes as it most often is today, for we could build underground or make much more efficient use of above ground area to stack all the bodies in. You may have paid money for the land and have a piece of paper stating this, but law and defensive arms keep it yours just as it did long ago. This works well until some current government passes a law to confiscate the defensive weapons, citing them as no longer necessary as violence will be dealt with by a special group created for that purpose, such as the police or the military. After a determined amount of time has passed, a law is passed to take private ownership of land away in the public interest. Debt or decree not withstanding, your land is gone and you cannot grow food which is the commodity really used to control the masses... Ideally the targeted land itself must contain wealth in minerals, water and fertile growing area. It must have access to the sea to be the most valuable. 60% of the world's population resides within 30 miles of the sea...

This means that 60% of world trade and wealth concentrates at a continuous flow before its dispersal 30 miles or nearer to the sea, this "wealth" drawing closer and denser in concentration as it approaches the salt water. For large rivers to fit in this category, they must run very slow when the empty into the oceans, and be wide and deep with a changing of tide to assist navigation. One of these major river systems dumps into the Persian Gulf, giving access to Africa and India. The other well known is the Nile, which dumps into the Med. It was the same 7200 years back from present time. Be sure to read the Mobius Insight, as it draws a very good picture of the times and the people, and what they would call the "new world order" changed as fast as conquest, earthquake and tidal wave occurred. Egypt was the lone exception until the invasion of the Hyksos, and then after that it had a long period of stability until Alexander the Great came on the scene.

After the time of the fall of Rome, what was to become the stable and very defendable financial center was Switzerland, which maintained the currency stability by the skin of its teeth during World War II, its own powerful elite being quite shaken by the advent of bomber aircraft and above all, atomic weapons. This bastion of capitalism was now partially surrounded by the communists and socialists who were knocking on the door in France as well as Italy. Since by reason of isolation and manipulation the United States of America had come out on top financially after the war, world banking power shifted across the water to the safest area, one that had been prepared for years. We call it New York...

Currently for one reason or another, there is no truly safe area on the surface of this planet, and wealth is now merely buying power based upon electronic whim controlled by no one group or person. The entry of the Global Middle Class onto the world stock markets and the speed of the computer transactions was the culprit for loss of control due to a faulty prediction system that did not take into account modern speed. Financial conservatism was knocked flat on its head by the now unpredictable whims of what can only be defined as the "Lotto Stockholder", an ugly beast to world Wall Street moguls, a beast who was not patient for profit, had no loyalties to any company or corporation, would not read Wall Street propaganda and if they did so, ignored it completely. Like an auction, stocks have soared far past their real value only to plunge and raise again for no real apparent reason, with people screaming buy, sell! buy! Like the California and New York real estate deals that sucked in the Japanese with highly inflated prices, the stock market is sucking in people from all over the world, little people who are going to wiped out on the final plunge to true value or lower. If this occurs before any physical planet disasters, the major businesses will survive, some of the old money people will survive, the major banks will survive ( after picking the bones of smaller adversaries ) and the sheep get sheared again, just as they were sheared by the Savings and Loan crisis, Real Estate Devaluation, and Fuel Crisis. Not that all of this really matters...

The stage is now fully set. All that is needed for the final curtain is the great natural disasters as predicted to began, as indeed they have started. I myself have no fear of the "New World Order"... for unlike physical countries and people, it has never survived intact after being scattered by a "cycle of the gods". It thrashes around for a short while like the twisting body of a decapitated snake then it is still. Like entire cultures, monetary systems also have to start over again, and this time let us not try to glue the head back on the snake, like we did the last time... 

Other Links regarding this subject and form your own modern opinion...

Feudalism ...alias American Capitalism (online book) This is a must read book and it is free online
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A start for the old world order might be " John D. Rockefeller & the Standard Oil Company 1863-1911".

"The Age of Imperialism" covers US national moves during this period,

The best article is by William Davis, "The Shadow of the Swastika" the best home page is at Sumeria, . But it is also found at these sites, also found at "The Elkhorn Project"

Futher infro on the ratline for Nazis SS and other war criminals by US intelligence agences is found in "Studies in Intelligence Vol. 1 No.1 1997

Information on the role of Centeral Banks and their role in laundrying Nazis gold during WW2

"Human rights and the New World order"

"Rachel's Enviromemental & Health Weeklly # 568" has a artical on the MAI treaty

6-1-99 How many of the above links seemed to have disappeared again? This page is like the kiss of death to some sites, so something is going on... Nerves are being struck! Unfortunately the censors have not been quick enough, unfortunately for the censors... The information is still making the rounds by way of disk and printed material. Disks breed fast.... and one does not need to be on the web... Try out our little military software... it is free and will run just fine even on small machines... The shop manual is in it... We examine all future aspects in the Mobius Projects, as well as tear the past apart and examine ALL the information. The most dangerous weapon you have to find back with is your mind, the bottom line, so to speak. You may wish to try our armory while you are at it, just in case. Just hit the buttons at the bottom of this page. Serious weather problems will speed up someone's agenda, and civil liberties will be seriously curtailed in any case. Throughout history, the Royalty has always tried to keep weapons from the Peasants, and nothing has changed... By the way, your small banker also has to play the "Big Game", but is just in the dark about much of this as you are. Think of almost 6 billion people controlled by a council of 13 with twelve voting and one tie breaker, the Top Dog. Now think of the Greek and Roman gods, as well as the Sumerians, then tell me what has changed... Always keep in mind the Pygmy of Africa kill elephants with poison darts, for it is not the size of a dog in a fight, it is the fight in the dog... and you are the fifth race of man to walk this planet. Are those running the show reasonable people? Is war reasonable...? Think about it. If you were running the show, how would you make everything work without hunger or serious health problems? How could you lead a world into the future and out into space to explore the Universe, and diplomatically meet with other species we know are there? It would help if one could control the weather on this planet for one thing, eliminate pollution and make better use of the land in general, building down as well as up in case of disaster from without. We have to hold or reduce population until we decide upon a sustainable level, since we are the worst parasite to hit this place we call Earth. Give the world a goal such as building another planet, just in case, and all work harmoniously to this end. Mars is a good example, as it seems it has sustained life before. Now someone has to run the show, so how would you like to see it done? Nations do not build worlds independently, worlds build worlds. That seems to be the rule according to contactees. One world, one voice, one vote. Quite a quandry, isn't it? We see what has happened to states and individual rights in our own country of America, in our very short history of what was coined as "The Great Experiment" (by the European Royalty, though they bankrolled quite a bit of it, especially England). Another more recent experiment was Princess Diana... (Genetics). What makes one world government so bad? It signals the end times before the Biblical shake up, for one thing. According to ancient history it did not work out before, and our earliest record of "sin" as we construe it biblically originated when describing the king of Tyre, who literally controlled all trade. By the way, did you know that the first country in the world that has dug in for self defense did so for other possible disasters? It is the same country that is not a member of NATO or the United Nations. We call it Switzerland. The venerated hallowed ground of the International Banker and those he represents... It used to be called Egypt.

Meanwhile go to this site and see what is going on in this subject area:
David's World...
How does a legal minded man handle this material? Try this one. Steffen gets quite upset with the current political system... and if someone makes him an offer he cannot refuse, you will hear about it in spades... If you want a religious angle on this, go here... Anthony will set you straight as far as what the Book says... What do I think? It is summed up below.

To change the future, one must know the pitfalls of the past...

The Warning Shot Across the Bow of Political Pork Barrel Bureaucracy
You also can join the "New Boston Tea Party"

Something unprecedented in the history of the United States of America happened on November 2, 1999 when the people of Washington State overwhelmingly sent a message by popular vote to entrenched State bureaucracy. The Washington State taxation system was effectively defanged in a period from 7 AM to 8 PM on the Tuesday election day, but the people's move started started way before this date, a move carefully calculated and fueled by anger. The initiative passed was 695, a cap on license fees for vehicles when briefly glanced at, until all the fine print was read. It was the fine print that passed the bill which took away the States ability to raise or levy taxes without the approval by vote of the general public.

Why? The public trust had been violated one too many times by the political machines currently in place. Pork Barrel padding and switch and bait accounting nonsense ended in no uncertain terms and general State accounting is under careful scrutiny now as expected political challengers try to undermine the mandate of the people. It goes without saying those challengers will be subject to recall right up to the highest State office, and those with appointed or lifetime jobs will be released from their duties very quickly, including judges. Such is the mind of the people...

The various union, business and political contributions fighting this initiative in the sum total was impressive, but the "spin doctors" orchestrating the anti-initiative drive failed to recognize the fact throwing money infront of a raging bull has little shielding or stopping effect. All kinds of information and disinformation was tossed out with glee approaching this initiative like it was the new Mariner Stadium, Safeco Field. Throw enough money into the pot and we will win like we always do.... Opps! What happened? We had 20 times the funds as the opposition...

The Internet happened for one thing and the e-mail was full of discussion in correct information that could not be curtailed by the big time major media. Here is merely one example circulated on the world wide web, and it must be noted not all political candidates of both parties fought the bill:
The following article was in the Wenatchee Daily World 9/30/99.
It was written by Don A. Miller and pretty well hits the nail on the head.

This is to all my friends, relatives, representatives, senators, etc.,in the great state of Washington. Please READ & HEED!It is quite lengthy but well worth your time and effort. Send it to as many people as you are in contact with in the GREAT STATE.

I quote excerpts from said article: "The No on Initiative 695 Committee) circulated a list of organizations urging defeat of the measure. It was dominated by companies which do business with the state, chambers which promote such businesses, government employees, public employee unions, and other unions which support those. Notably MISSING were the unaffiliated citizens who, including the 511,000 who signed the I-695 petitions, are fed up with trying to make ends meet while paying hundreds of dollars each year for a consumption tax on their vehicles.

A heavily funded coalition, which has never seen a tax it didn't like, is running a well organized media blitz using half truths, unsupported data, and, in some cases flat-out lies. For example, some flawed assumptions were plucked out of thin air for a recent article by Bob Abbott, the president of the North Central Washington Labor Council (The World, Sept. 24).

The FOLLOWING FACTS bring taxes and spending more clearly in perspective, leaving his assumptions without legs:

Washington is the sixth highest taxed state in the nation. Indicative of excessive taxation, the state treasury sits on a $1 billion surplus.

Spending is skyrocketing. The state budget has reached $45.2 billion, up $5 billion in this biennium alone. Much of this money goes to failed and obsolete programs, inefficiency, and waste.

The I-695 cut of $1.1 billion equals only 2% of the budget. Transportation, transit, and the ferry system spend $890 million of that, most allocated west of the Cascade Curtain.Fear-mongers relentlessly claim that criminals will be left on the streets, and local government services will be decimated by loss of police, firemen, and health care workers. IN FACT, only $210 million, which equals less that * of 1% of the money spent by the state, is earmarked for local government services statewide.

The money is allocated by the legislative process. It takes LITTLE IMAGINATION for Gov. Locke and legislators to find spending cuts of $210 million in a $45.2 BILLION budget. The Department of Revenue has THREATENED us with a "SURPRISE TAX," a personal property tax on vehicles. The tactic of tax shifting was foreseen, and I-695 which has a provision that would require voter approval to do that. Furthermore, if Gov. Locke is able to overturn that in court, there remains a large difference in the tax amount. Excise taxes are levied at 2.2% based on manufacturer's retail price, which is rarely paid. Property tax would be limited to approximately 1% and based on the true value.

An estimated 98% of the tax saving will be spent in the economy. Economists point to the multiplier effect in which EACH DOLLAR goes through three cycles of sales taxable transactions. This alone generates over twice the amount needed to replace the excise tax.

Cuts also mean families and small businesses will keep that tax money to spend on autos, new computers, health care, and other family needs. The NCW Labor Council's fear mongering reached a feverish pitch. On an assumption that we will have no roads, it claims we could not attract new businesses nor be able to get products to market. It ties into that scenario the loss of "thousands and thousands of jobs," higher unemployment rates, and counties being more distressed. As radical as that sounds, it also is entirely based upon an absurd assumption that an alternate source of revenue cannot be found. To suggest that spending cannot be reduced by 2% to cover the tax cut is unrealistic. Neither the governor nor legislators are so politically imprudent as to punish the people by refusing to exercise their prerogative and reallocate that relatively small amount of money.

With a good economy and money in the treasury, there will never be a better time for a TAX CUT. If government cannot handle it now, they never will, and we will be stuck with ever spiraling taxes."

Don A. Miller, East Wenatchee, represents Douglas County on the Republican State Committee.

If you made it this far, thank you for your time. This is a great time to show some muscle and begin to turn things around, tax wise. Send this article to as many people as you can think of. It can be a major shifting of philosophy that has been a long time coming.
Thanks for your time, Wally Moore

(Food for thought: If a 2% budget cut threatens Transportation, Jobs, City Government, Police & Fire and Criminal Justice, where does the other 98% go
The above mentioned article is merely one of the items circulated on the Internet and the man who was responsible for it is smart enough to realize to keep his job it is best to sit on the side of a winning team. The State threatening to merely add another tax to cover the lost perks, resulted in the people taking all the taxation out of the hands of the general accounting office and elected legislators.

Now what about those who lose their jobs because of this? Get one thing straight right now! We the people of this state do not pay taxes to provide jobs for state and local governments! When a tax comes into effect for highway construction and improvement, or anything else, the reason for the tax is to use the funds for precisely that purpose, not to sluff it into local transit problems or milk it into the general fund as the "Good Old Boys" of both parties have been doing for more years then I care to think about. (Shades of the Federal Government).

Now you would think the national media would be crying this profound election event over television and radio, but there is a strange silence... for they really do not want the rest of the people in the other states to know it can be done. They do not want the people to realize the government is really an issue "Of the people, by the people and for the people". They do not want the "New Boston Tea party" widely known in the major media across the world. You can help by sending this to everyone you can think of world wide. We the people of the United States...

Sincerely, Allen D. Furford
The Mobius Insight

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