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By Allen D. Furford


 And so there it was, the astrophysicists doggedly maintaining nothing could exceed the speed of light, certain religious factions and biologists that maintained life was unique to Earth, military men who dogmatically cited Project Bluebook, and NASA who could not remember any conversations regarding UFO's or strange photos of Mars, accidentally published or not. It was obvious the president had told no one in the government of his plans to divulge what he knew except the Secretary of State, and everyone was playing it safe. After all, they were career men and elections occurred every four years. Presidents were a passing thing...

The President knew that all of the documents could not be unclassified by his decree. If he brought them forward, he could be tried as a traitor and most likely would be if the oposition party had its way. He decided to gamble. The problem was convoluted in many ways.

Miles and O.O. had just given him a few facts to chew on, and it was what he had suspected from his own staff findings. Thank God for the Secretary of State, he thought. Telling the people that lived on the coasts about the impending disastrous wave action brought upon by the Sumerian Planet of the Crossing was out. At least, it was out of the question until many arrangements could be made.

He knew the Europeans would feel the same way. Take Holland, for example... People would ask what they were really living for, anyway. Why build for the future if was going to be destroyed? Never mind they were warned not to build on the San Andreas fault. Never mind industry kept building up in the Los Angeles area, even while being rocked by quake after quake.

Never mind all the insurance companies would default after a possible disaster of this magnitude. It would take years to process the claims of the survivors, and the United States would be just doing the best it could to function. Most of the cities would fail, and with them would go the information hubs. The dominoes would fall all over the world. People would not be killing for drugs anymore, they would be eliminating their fellow man for food...

One by one the documents came out. The discovery of the crashed ship and the remains of the crew in the Hanger 13 incident, the returning of the remains to the extra-terrestrials and treaty that was secretly signed at Camp David, the pressure by the newly formed Bluebook people to keep the lid on any sightings and the two sets of records the project kept, NASA's blunders trying to cover up in military fashion what was too late revealed to the general public, and the cattle mutilations and tissue samples from them as well as the chemical changes in the animals blood.

That was just the beginning...

Karl Oschner had listened to all the arguments throughout the proceedings and was trying hard to constrain himself from speaking out of turn. His long time position as the head Sumerologist for the University of Bonn had led him all over the world, cataloging and finally computerizing the tremendous hoard of cuneiform clay tablets that were still being unearthed throughout the old Mesopotamian area. When his turn to speak finally came, he did not know if he was relieved from the tedium of listening, or from the fear that he would not be called upon.

He looked at the gathering and cleared his throat. "Ladies and gentlemen, let me tell you what has unfolded here has not been that much of a surprise to me nor will it be to others that I have closely worked with over the years."

"When we published our findings, the various religious organizations very thoughtfully made sure the bulk of our translations were buried from the public eye, and only allowed others to be published as science fiction if certain passages were omitted. In short, pressure was put on the publishing houses to protect the Book. If you remember correctly, it was the Bible that led us to the ancient sites and our work was applauded until our translations ran contrary to church dogma."

Venetti grimaced.

"So many words have had their real meanings altered over the millennium that have passed, some purposely. I am going to give you just two examples to think about before moving on to the solar system. The word "serpent" for one. The actual meaning is not reptile, but "seeker of knowledge"

Merely look at the medical system's logo. The entwined serpents on the staff are as old as time. The word "shem" does not mean "name", but "missile or arrow that flies through the air. Let us go back to the older Bible and reread Genesis. Does the story of the serpent in the garden and the tower of Babel make more sense to you now? Sitchin made that point over and over again in the "70's". How many times is the Book going to be changed by various groups to suit their own purposes? To explain the plurality of the Genesis gods, someone invented the Trinity... at least I have heard this part of the explanation over and over again."

Rabbi Mosha nodded his head in agreement, then glanced at Venetti who was looking at his thoughtfully at his finger nails.

"Now let us examine our solar system. What has the Hubble telescope photographed coming in toward the orbit of Jupiter? Why it seems to be another large planet with satellites, a very bright planet and the orbiting bodies around it seem to be almost jewel like. Lo and behold, the

Sumerian "Planet of the Crossing", the one that seems to show up every 3600 years more or less, orbiting counter to the rest of the planets and it will pass through the orbit of the asteroid belt, by Bode's law a place that should be occupied by an orbiting body if the solar system is to maintain some sort of balance..." By the time Karl was finished, he had set the stage for O.O. and Gay.

The first period before lunch could only be called "inspection" as all the data on the two ancients was studied and their physical presence was confirmed. Because of Gay's condition, her part at first was brief. After the noon break, O.O. took the position that Karl had vacated and began answering some of the first personal questions until he realized continuity was breaking down.

"Please people, I had better do this my way, he stated softly. I am going to tell you what I know to be the truth before my birth time and then explain what happened to me. All things have a beginning and for the Earth this really occurred about 670 million years ago."

One of the geologists cleared his throat and interrupted. "Excuse me young man, but this planet is much older than what you imply..."

O.O. glanced at him and smiled. "I am not refuting your belief on that matter, sir. This planet suffered an ice age about that time that virtually froze the seas to the very bottoms and destroyed almost all early microscopic plant life. This is when this planet changed its axis and assumed its present position."

"Who told you this tale?"

"Those you call Nephilim. The solar system had been formed much earlier but still was not balanced, nor was it complete as far as orbital planetary positions, and it was the second collision of their system with ours that provided a somewhat balanced unbalance. This collision seeded both systems with each other's early life forms, and sexual differentiation as we know it today began."

The geologist shook his head negatively. "I find this hard to believe...we have been arguing about this period for years and lo and behold, you show up to settle the problem. For an ancient man, your view is too modernistic."

O.O. chuckled lightly as he stated, "For a modern man I find your concept ignorant. I have watched these proceedings on closed circuit video and the system I am referring to you have called the "Planet of the Crossing" which is now becoming visible to your best telescopes. You are not going to like the geological results of its approach, seeing that it is almost the size of what you call Saturn, especially taking note the way Earth wobbles about its orbit and axis... Some of you call it a comet, because of certain characteristics, and this is disinformation to a large degree... Just wait until you experience the solar storm it is going to create in its passing. Look what the object you called Hale-Bop did the the weather patterns when it came through."

Pandemonium broke out in the meeting room.

The mother ship hung about the blue planet in orbit, the docking bay a bustle of activity as the first manned probe was readied for its journey to the surface. They had opted for a water landing as it was deemed much safer for the craft and crew, and retrieval would be easier if something went wrong.

Politics played a large part in crew selection for the mother ship, and the two inhabited planets of the five of their own mini-system were represented, but straws were drawn for the choice of the landing party and the losers manned the probe.

They had tried Mars first and the losses had been heavy, the returns for the effort small. The important heavier elements they needed were obtained finally from the mining of one of the red planet's moons until the ore had run out, virtually leaving the satellite hollow when they abandoned it.

Probes which had been sent toward the seventh planet, if one counted from the edge of the solar system inward, had verified sufficient oxygen-18 levels during the ice advances that seemed to occur when their planetary system closed on its closest orbital swing toward the sun. They named this planet Earth...

O.O. finally held his hands up, signaling for quiet. "I am going to start from the beginning and will tell you what I was told, as well as what I saw and confirmed in my time with the off-world people. You may question later..."
The captain looked at the hologram of the world they were about to explore and turned to the gathering of officers on the bridge of the vessel.

"The captured satellite is obviously left over from the big collision, about 4 billion revolutions ago of this celestial pair around this star, and is rightfully a planet itself, albeit very dead. Our probes showed the last two planets sunward to be out of the question for procurement of minerals or setting up a base."

His second in command glanced at the captain, his brother, out of the corner of his eye. "That didn't seem to faze us much when we lost the bulk of our men and probes checking out the others."

"Council's orders. In theory we are not even supposed to be this far into the system. We can only exist on the red planet, refuel, mine and exist. The same goes as far as this planet's moon, except we cannot refuel. Logistically the dead worlds are easier, but they don't have everything we are going to need either."

Enlil had been to the planet before, when he had rescued Anu after he had been shot down. Anu had come to Earth after they had found out where the Titans were hiding. Khumarbi may have shot down Anu's ship, but it was Enlil who had blown the enemy from the skies.

The rescue had placed Enlil in high council regard and that was why he had command of this expedition. To the victor went the spoils...and they had given him an entire planet. When Anu stepped down from leadership, Enlil would be ready. He knew his brother resented his ambitions, but that was just tough luck. His brother was not a hero...

Enlil had only one stipulation, and that was regarding the absence of any of Eden's religious factions. He did not believe in the Spiritual Plane, and made it clear to the council before excepting the job. After all, they had proven they could store the life force in crystalline structure...

An alert passed over the bridge communications system and the second mate got up from his control panel. " That's it! I lost the last probe...Shit!"

"What went wrong?" The Exec. asked.

"Orbital debris, sir. The same thing that happened to us probing the ringed world."

The captain glanced at his officers, both male and female, and grimaced. "O.K., let's circle this chunk of wet rock and start charting orbital debris. We are going to have to do this the hard way..."

The hard way, the Exec. thought to himself. Always the hard way. He thought of his own planet and its history as he continued to gaze at the hologram...

Their world traveled on a long elliptical orbit about the star, and would have been frozen if it had not been orbiting around a planet slightly smaller than Saturn. The big world provided both light and heat for its satellites, four major ones that shown like colored jewels when approached from space.

They knew what the death of their system would be like when it came. Slowly but surely their world would come closer and closer to what would be later known as Jupiter, until the huge planet sucked their system in. With all the added mass, a small new star would be born and from this cosmic disaster life would emerge on the outer planets.

This would all take place in the future. As far as they could easily determine the only two systems that contained life in the solar system were their own and the one they were about to land on.

It really are started with the collision of their system and the one hanging in space before them 4 billion Earth years before. That same collision married the first life forms of the two worlds, so evolution should have been somewhat paralleled. This happened on three of the four satellites in their own system. A secondary debris collision roughly occurring around 670 million years finished the marriage, or to put it in the words of the Ancient Greeks, father heaven fell on mother earth.

They knew this planet had to have the missing water from the mathematics of stellar creation. It also was just at the limit of their technology range, their own space program only a few hundred years old. Pure and simply put, water meant life...

The captain got his attention out of the corner of his eye and he followed him to his quarters. "It will have to be a splashdown landing, Enki. Someone will have to set up the aids to navigation for the shuttle."

"It seems I am the only one left with those qualifications, which occurred to me as soon as we lost the probe. What about retrieval in case some of our theories are wrong..."

His brother just looked at him.

"Right...We do it anyway. When can we expect resupply?"

"A Mark III supply canister should catch up in two months with eight shuttles on board."

"Then they have to be assembled and tested, crews trained as we are a little short of pilots, a total of six months from today if the junk makes it."

"That is right. You descend first, but not solo. We will send another five people with you to assist."

"I get to pick them!"

"It goes without saying..."

The heat of entry was not as bad as they expected and splashdown occurred in what would be later called the Indian Ocean, just off the coast of the Arabian peninsula...

Popping the hatch, Enki breathed the first Earth air. It was close to what his own planet's atmosphere was but heavier and cleaner. It had the wonderful smell of the sea. Jettisoning the ablation material and deploying the propulsion system took a matter of minutes. They used the communications link-up with the mother ship to provide aids to navigation and instructions to land, and started toward their target which later would be called Mesopotamia and the Land of Shinar.

Reaching land, they traveled up the Tigris/Euphrates river system, moored the craft on the river bank and set up camp. It was quarantine time. The first enemy, microbes, had to be overcome.

They unfolded an electric powered kayak boat and spent time exploring the river system, getting the feel for the land. Using their Mechanical Explorers called ME's for short, they jet packed over obstacles and set beacons to guide shuttle craft in.

Enlil listened to his brother over the radio and agreed to risk another splash down with a larger package, fifty more men, then send in a land drop consisting of heavy equipment for earth moving. Everyone was excited. It was a real air breathing live planet and in their own system. It looked as if they were going to have a permanent base. The captured Titan information was correct. His people had lived here before, and they would again. It was beautiful...

"Mr. O.O., could you give us the approximate time these so called Nephilim came to this planet?"

"Roughly 450,000 years ago in our time measurement, during one of the many ice ages. They measured their year as we do, one orbit, one year. They called their year a "shar"...

Karl Oschner did something he had never done before during a scientific meeting. He raised on fist and yelled, "Yeah! Yes! Yes!.. We were right! We are right!.. Sitchin is vindicated! You unbelieving dolts..." He suddenly grabbed his chest and spun around in his chair, his head rolling and gagging sounds issuing from his mouth before he collapsed.

Pandemonium broke out and the emergency medical staff responded promptly and efficiently. There was nothing they could do for him. With his fatal heart attack, the meeting was adjourned for the day...

Hesphaes was outraged. Not only had he been outwitted, but the President of the United States whom he had thought he had manipulated so well, was innocently behind the entire affair. The Tri-Omega computer was reduced to a babbling idiot, by what means he did not know, and the back-up could not be activated while the original was still on the line.

He stared at the intercepts failing one by one on the big board before him and realized the big game was about over. It would take a full day for the council to gather and he fumed as the orders were sent out in a conventional manner. As he prepared to supersonically depart once again for America, he wondered if the Secretary of State Dulles had the same trouble with Ike in his time...

Miles sat on the bench and stared out at the landscape. How did one move millions of people out of harms way? How could they be told that the Dixons, Cacyes, and other psychics were not that far off? I started off so ignorant myself, he thought, and now I expect something to come from this?

George sat down beside him. "A penny for your thoughts,


"You knew about the Sumerian translations before we learned from O.O., didn't you..."

"Yes, but I wanted a fresh look, another theory from another mind and you fit the bill, my friend. Look Miles, you can't save them all. Most of them will not listen because they do not want to believe their world is going to drastically change. You can tell them that another planet that is virtually a small star is going to arrive, that its mass is going to cause the Earth to bulge and even stop spinning on its axis for a day, that plates will shift and volcanic action is going to become rampant throughout the world, the sun will most likely flare, and so on but they will not listen."

"I have to try..."

"It is up to those inside now. You got to them; they have to get to the rest of the world. Man is here Miles, and man is coming from without. The plates of their inhabited worlds may not be floating like ours but they will have problems too."

"Remember 3190 years ago, George. Remember what happened in 1190 B.C. and tell me you trust them."

"It also could have been a solar flare. The sun is also affected by the planets. There are two sides to every story and we can always hope. Disaster is coming but it will not be the end of man, at least not yet. All the planets, including the one the Babylonians called Marduk, have been in conjunction before, and we survived."

"The planet was not here in 1190, that flaming was the result of something else.We have atomics now George."

"So do they. The only hope for all of us are the Universal Laws given to us by the real Creator, Miles. These came to us from the Spiritual side and we can just hope they are governed by them also."

"What if they do not see things that way?"

"We have to walk softly and carry a big stick. We might just have one now..."

"And what would that stick be called, George?"


"That word is not in fashion with certain people on Capital Hill, and the people of this country will not take this lying down. Remember what happened to Mussolini..."

The last car ride was down a bumpy unused road and through a high cyclone fence that had guards stationed at the entry gate. George kept a close watch on Gay, for fear she might miscarry her child. The house they came upon only was run down looking on the outside. The inside was solid luxury at a glance as they entered. There were three men waiting for them...

George immediately recognized the Secretary of State, the President of the United States, and the Director of Internal Security. The final confrontation, he thought to himself.

The Secretary looked at them all and simply stated, "We kept our bargain and you saw what the result was. It's your turn now. Where is the machine?"

Miles looked at him and flatly stated, "Your buddy in Europe has it."

"They can't make it work and we have been informed there are at least two machines, if not more. Don't force us to be uncivilized, Miles..."

Miles looked at the power brokers with pity. "Your addressing the wrong man, fellows." He nodded in O.O's direction.

O.O. turned to the seated men. "I have provided you with certain equipment that will enable you to unlock the other machine. You will have to work with those in Europe, reach some sort of accommodation, as you would put it. We will be at your disposal for roughly three months, and it will take that long to train your chosen people to operate the key. The world will have to work together on this project. As for being uncivilized, I suggest you think twice about it. If we are not back at a certain place during a given time period, you will have no world to play with."

The President indignantly got to his feet. "That's blackmail!"

O.O. looked at him and smiled, his eyes as cold as ice. "It is like catching fish, Mr. President. There are rules for the public, no rules for those in power, and now my rules..."

The president sat back down and put his hands to his face. A muffled sound issued from between his fingers. "You don't understand my position..."

O.O. sadly looked at the seated man. "I more than understand, Mr. President. We will discuss this position at length sometime later, alone."

It had been three months since the conference at Camp David, months replete with the birth of Gay's child, moving from one safe house to the next, impeachment proceedings against the President which were caused by pressure from the European community, all ongoing happenstance finally forcing them to prepare to flee once again by submarine.

Miles sat on a chair outside of the entrance to the "safe" house that was nothing more than a benevolent prison facility and watched the sun set with the others. There had been no great exposure to the general public about the incoming disaster, just the opposite had occurred. The clamps had come down on everyone attending the conference, some of which had unfortunate health and accident problems. It is funny, he thought, how the true meaning of the tale of the Phoenix and the book of Job applied to man on Earth...

"A penny for your thoughts, Miles," David murmured as he moved closer to the man.

"I really don't have anything to say, chum. I just keep thinking of the pain and suffering we all went through to get the information into the right hands, only to see everything fall apart. Where in the hell did our plan go wrong?"

They were not aware of what the real final scene was at the meeting, because security whisked them out of the compound and out of the state. They did not see their exact replicas, made up actors, take over for them and confess that the entire proceedings were a hoax, a top secret what-if game to gauge reaction. Most of the assembly bought the story because they also resisted change. Those like Zebreski who knew or suspected the truth became the sacrificial lambs, and most of them were in one helicopter that crashed before they could make any public disclosures. The actors were also expendable, as well as various government staff members located here and there. The Internal Security Agency was absolutely ruthless.

For once there were no news leaks. Lisa Cranston's precious news exclusive died with her...

Doc got up and walked to the edge of the porch. He had so many questions left and time was running out, just like the sun sinking in the distance. They all knew the dogs were hot on their trail; just as soon as the sub reached port and the captain was ordered to divulge the drop off point by the acting U.S. president, the cat would be out of the bag.

The Old One had told them much, but it was David who really had shaken the physician to his foundations. The information had to do with the tribe of Benjamin and the possible location of the Ark of the Covenant. He thought back on the conversation before the stop on Delos...

It was Miles who actually started it off. "David, now that you obviously are in the same boat as we are, a man hunted by his own people, just how much do you know about the Ark?

David frowned, then let out a soft sigh. It doesn't matter anymore, he thought before he spoke. "You have to start with the Menash in the Torah. All information about the Ark starts with Moses. He wrote it down as he lived it. This is as near as all of our scholars, plus the language patterns from the computers, could tell after translation of the original copy of what was to become The Old Testament. The truly original manuscript of the Jewish Bible was in the Ark.

Miles waved his hand negatively. " Wrong Ark. I was referring to the one of Noah, Gilgamesh, Uput and any others that crop up."

"It has been called everything from a raft to a submarine, that saved all desirable life on Earth."

"Do you know what I get out of it?"


" There can be only one true translation of the word Ark, and that is LIFE BOAT! Take it from a sailor. Your word desirable rather than "clean" suits me just ask yourself what was judged unclean?" You call pork unclean, yet Noah took the swine. That means the word "unclean" really means "undesirable". At some point, man discovered pork had micro-organisms in it that could kill him, and that is when it became unclean. Pork that was properly raised, cooked or cured does not constitute a problem, but that came later. Sailors ate a lot of pork..."

"Keep going..."

"Now all the flood texts differ somewhat in detail, but one meaning is clear. The creatures that went in the Ark were part of man's diet or protection. It was all of these that were left that perished. All desirable life, not all life, perished in the flood. That narrows the field very nicely, and certain creatures and grains were listed. If we carefully checked out their genetics, they should find the same break in their tree as ours."

David looked at the others.

Miles shook his head and grinned. "The youngest Neanderthal we have cataloged to date is 36,000 years old, but what do we know about this creature? Like us, he was a cave man, only older. He was religious...he was set in his ways. We can find no evidence of war between the Neanderthal and the Cro-Magnon. Now was he desirable or undesirable? Can we make the assumption that he only became cannibal because of extreme famine, and because he was religious, possibly did that by ritual?"

Doc cleared his throat and noted to the rest. "We have to keep in mind some of our own cannibalistic traditions and say the Neanderthal had to be on the boat."

Miles shook his head. "I think the Flood was before the Neandertal. I believe there was a tremendous regression before modern man."

George nodded in agreement. "Your doing fine, Miles."

George was playing with his pocket computer and looked up expectantly.

"Don't you see, George? The oldest story more aptly translated the vessel as being a submarine, but has regressed to Lifeboat. Now the cloud beings had what has aptly been described as a mother ship or supply point which would be properly located and surely would have more than seven days warning, figuring on the size and velocity of their of their own planet coming through."

"It was reported to be visible in the day, caused severe flooding and volcanic activity, meteor showers and drastic climate changes. According to the idiot box I am holding, it would be traveling with a velocity about 8 A.U., eight times our speed, making the entire solar system vibrate, and it is about five times the size of Earth. Your machine is unbalanced Miles."

"Listen fellows, my point is a sixty or seventy year period of time seems reasonable to build a sub, gave them unlimited proximity and choice, get their own personal off Earth, and put man in one boat and leave him on the surface. As it was, the gods were hungry when they came out of the clouds and the Sumerian version translates the most easily and acceptable. Genesis is the same story, but just has had the hell edited out of it."

David nodded in agreement.

"They could well have been based on Mars, Miles," George brought up. "They could have been using Mars time, for that matter. It could have been their central clock for the solar system. Just as seven days is too short, I feel 60 or 70 years is too long."

Miles merely shrugged. "Lets call that time frame irrelevant. Regardless of the location of a second base, the result was they were starving, ate from Earth again because of man, and came to an agreement with him. We know the Cro-Magnon was in Australia at least 40,000 years ago. That meant man dispersed from one spot at least 40,000 years back. What happened to the calendar?"

"The format remained the same but the values suddenly adjusted to Earth instead of Heaven time." David stated. "That meant the colonials left Earth?"

"The Sumerian said the gods were "too lofty" and appointed a governor or king as a go between the population and them. They were too far away, in other words. Logistically, a permanent base was out. Every time the mother planet made an appearance, the base got clobbered with destructive weather patterns. The big one was the last straw. I would say they left," George stated.

Miles nodded. " A good bet, all right. At any rate, the big flood moves back and man regresses fending for himself. Now we have to define man. The real split in our line seems to have been 120,000 years ago when the Neanderthal and the fore runner to the Cro-Magnon showed up. In short, there really were at least four species of man before the flood, two from Earth and one off planet, plus the hybrids. We are possibly the hybrids, but can breed."

"Go on.."

" Now we have to take a look at the ice age graphs and pick a reasonable time of occurrence, sometime between 240,000 and 80,000 years ago."

Doc looked up. " What about the Tower of Babel?"

"The original had to be a launching pad for a space ship. "Remember, the word "shem" translates to missile or something that flies through the air, not "name". The generation of Methuselah, his name translating to "Man of the Missile", was on old time. The Hebrews consider a generation forty years, in new time. That works out to 80 or 90 generations between complete orbits of the Planet of the Crossing."

David scratched his head in thought, then mumbled, "They had certain technology or a ship available, and they were going to get out of harms way, but the Nephilim returned and dispersed them because they knew the shake-up was not going to be as bad as the Deluge. This confusion of tongues bothers me, though."

"Once the ship was destroyed or hidden, the launching pad was abandoned. Man only had one option left, and that was to spread out as quickly as he could by land and sea.

40,000 to 60,000 years ago we rapidly blew across the face of this planet, forming isolated pockets. Because of this isolation factor, the language changed. In reality this was the first fragmentation of the Book of Genesis."

David looked at the others. "Not to change the subject, but "The Ark of the Covenant" would be the Lifeboat of the Covenant then."

Miles looked at the Israeli. "A covenant is a contract. The Nephilim told man they would not let all desirable life perish from the Earth again. They did not say anything about controlling natural disasters. Maybe they did not destroy the available ship during the time of Babel. They could have very well hidden it instead. The Sumerian Noah had Offworld engineers and navigators with his party, something edited from Genesis. He sneaked them aboard, taking Enki's advice. Upon their return after the flood, they most likely left at least one ship for assurance of the colonist hybrids which was part of the agreement, plus the navigators and engineers. Millennium later they gave Moses a map that pinpointed the location of the escape vehicle or vehicles. Moses kept it in the Ark which was a special protected vault for the contract."

"Well, that would cover both "Arks", neither of which we have found."

"To go from there, we have to look again to Moses, Joshua and Samuel, keeping in mind the break between the last two men. What were the "Blessings" bestowed upon the patriarchs of the tribes? Which one was singled out above all others? The tribe of Benjamin."

"That tribe inherited the land that Jerusalem is located on, but the group was virtually destroyed," Doc interjected.

"Sure... the tribe fell on hard times. It seemed some very important traveler and his consort were assaulted by followers of Belial, who was known as Asarte by the Phoenicians, Ishtar by the Babylonians, and the Mother Goddess of the Sumerians. The other tribes held council and demanded the culprits, and were denied. A very bitter war was fought with the "Chosen of God", the Benjamites, who were almost exterminated. The entire affair centered around the old following of the Mother Earth goddess. The Sea Peoples helped some of the tribe escape by boat, possibly to Europe."

David nodded. "That's feasible..."

"The rest made a come back when the other tribes knew they had made a bad mistake. In short, someone was not happy with the other tribes. This tribe Benjamin most likely ultimately built the Temple of Solomon and it is interesting to note the Old Name for Benjamin is Benoni. That is a Sumerian name, it comes from Old Tongue, and Rachel, young Benjamin's mother, knew it. She was descended from Shem..."

George chuckled. "Don't forget the messenger to the Mormons was named Veroni. That too is Old Tongue..."

Mile looked strangely at George then simply stated, "Don't knock it, chum. The Mormons are located in a mountain fortress called Utah and are furiously gathering this planet's genealogy upon instruction from an "angel" or "messenger".

That much we know, don't we... Then there is the case of the 24 missing books of Ezra. Remember him? The guy they edited because they felt he was not Christian orientated enough. He gave the Hebrews 50 books about the time of Cyrus, and then took off with the help of God with the other 24, supposedly returning to his own people. Now this fellow was a descendant of Aaron, a Levite, but they did not get the books. Ezra was said to have originally come from the north some where."

David grinned. "Ezra was an interesting person. He took five scribes with him into a flower field, of which they lived on the tops, and only drank water to supplement their diet. The Lord provided them with a cup full of fiery looking fluid, which caused them to go day and night for forty days. Ezra stated he could not stop talking. When they were done, the books were written in a language the scribes did not understand... at least the last 24 were. "Let's get back to the Ark..."

"It disappeared for the second time during Solomon's time, before the Babylonians smashed the Hebrews and destroyed the Temple. It is said Solomon sent the Ark to the Queen of Sheba...Jesus was descended from the house of David, and David was from the Tribe of Benjamin. I maintain the tribe of Benjamin has maintained control of the Ark all along. That was what Moses meant when he said God resided between the tribe's shoulders. It was to protect them "The Whole Day" which could be the Day of the Lord Amos talked about. They carried the Ark and it protected them..."

David looked amazed. "You are very good at puzzles, Miles, however I am going to give you some food for thought. A coin was found that was minted by the Hebrews when David was king. It scientifically proved David, like Solomon after him, did exist. There was only one small announcement. Both the Christians and the Jews opted not to advertise it loudly to the world. Can you guess why?"

"Printed information?"

"Very good! Yes, on the back side of the coin it proclaimed Asarte was a consort of Yahweh..."

"Multiple gods again, but maybe it was minted that way because the Phillistines were allies of David. After all, they helped him eliminate Saul, and Asarte was the Earth or Birth goddess that was the cornerstone of their religion."

"A very distinct possibility which leads yet to another one. Who were the two gods that spoke up for man before the flood? Try the older names..."

"Are you implying Yahweh and Ea or Enki are one and the same? If this is true, who gets to play the role of Satan?"

"A fallen angel... possibly Alalu or Khumarbi... and never forget that Enlil did not care very much for man, either, though this would be remote. In the war of the gods, someone lost the first round and was cast down. Keep in mind the physical state and spiritual state is just what it implies, a state of presence in one form or the other."

Miles looked at the others and deeply sighed. "O.K., that brings up Marduk... with Enlil being the big Assyrian gun, then suddenly something scared the hell out of those people and the changed the names on their monuments from Enlil to Marduk. Supposedly the Assyrians conquered everyone and dispersed them because their king had a message from god telling him to do so. That would have to be construed as Enlil, would it not?"

George looked thoughtful and broke in. "It could have been any of the Offworlders. By that time the faces of the gods had changed many times to suit the presiding culture's idealistic image of the deity."

David nodded in agreement. "The power of the house of David ended with the death of Solomon and the destruction of Jerusalem by the new Babylonian empire. The Hebrews were not returned to their lands until Cyrus, who was the anointed of Yahweh, did so during his reign and had the Temple rebuilt, all supposedly by instruction from Yahweh. Cyrus was the last of the great Babylonian/Persian kings and who was the principle deity of those people? The most worshipped? Ishtar!"

Miles looked at the Israeli. "This brings us in a full circle again, and a family circle at that. Enki and the Birth Goddess... Wasn't Marduk supposed to be Enlil's son? Well it probably doesn't really matter, because it seems we are dealing with another generation."

George raised his eyebrows. "Are we? We now know that certain Egyptian dynasties ran concurrently... so why not the gods? While you two are busy tearing things apart and putting them back together again, keep in mind the next two stages."

Doc had been very quite up to that time, the painkillers had quite a bit to do with that, but he did finally contribute, he thought to himself as he reflected back... "The next leap was Alexander the Great... then the Romans after that."

David looked up from the notes he was reading. "The true fall of the Romans did not come from the Mongols or the Huns. It came from within... it came from the change of religion. This brings us back to a single deity and head Prophet or Messiah. There were many kings and rulers in Europe but they all were basically controlled by the Christian Church system, Eastern and Western, but that power was not absolute due to the Moslems. The common ground is a single God and Jesus, who came from the line of David. Remember, Jesus is a prophet of Islam, which came later, and Abraham is the key and father of both religions. All European royalty is supposedly to have descended from the same tribe. Check into it when you get the chance."


"Just check into it..."

George stood up and stretched. "Something to sleep on, boys. All of the religions throughout the entire planet had two things in common, and mind you this was all over the world, including the Neanderthal. The Holy Spirit and rebirth or reincarnation was the excepted thread by both man and those whom we call the "gods". Has it ever occurred to you the "Cloud Beings" also had a resurgence of religion and possibly of morality?"

The rest also started getting comfortable and Doc muttered half to himself, "There is no end to it... like a Mobius Strip!"

David looked amused." Call it a Mobius Insight..."

Miles grinned. "... Did I ever tell you guys about the time I tried to wipe my butt on a wagon wheel?..."

The engineer's mind snapped back to the present...

Doc stepped from the porch into the yard and sardonically chuckled to himself. Even O.O. had really not provided them with all the information he had at his disposal, and told them rather bluntly that he would not fill in the rest until they got back to his facility. They had guessed well, but in their true ignorance they had only seen the tip of the iceberg...

It was dark when they left the last "safe house" and climbed into the two cars. Miles would not have tried to tangle with any of their body guards under any circumstances. He knew what real well trained killers were.

Before they knew it, it was down the dock and down the hatch. As they were getting situated on the vessel, Miles had the funny feeling he and the rest would all be dead by now if it had not been for the presence of the Old One and Gay. Government factions seemed to be very cautious regarding the couple.

Miles truly enjoyed the ride, getting to know the Chief and Captain very well. He remembered the Sumerian stories of the "fish men" and their undersea boats. Those stories had been over 7000 years old...

O.O. was always looking things over, and spent a considerate amount of time in the engine room, so Miles got to know him very well from an engineering standpoint. The ancient engineer quite usefully helped the crew repair some electronic gear, and even made a few modifications using bits and pieces from other defunct equipment that made the renewed assemblies work at least ten times faster and better than ever. It became quite apparent to all of them the man was an experienced mechanical genius.

They all had their counterparts on the sub, including Gay, though she was the only female on board that was a mother, and all of the female naval personal were competent, professional, mature and happily married within the service.

It was the Navy approach to sexual discrimination that worked just fine. They realized Gay was different but were under orders not to ask questions, just as the men were. Everything was done on a need to know basis...

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